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              ABOUT ZHONGLI

              企業簡介 資質榮譽 生產設備 企業文化




                    Changzhou Zhongli Honeycomb Compound Materials Co.,Ltd. is located at abundant Changzhou,so called as Dragon City at the bank of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal.Closely nearing Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway,Riverine Expressway,Beijing-Shanghai Railway,airport and harbor,it enjoys quite convenient traffic condition,favorable climate and superior geographical environment.

                    Our company professionally produces various sizes of aluminum honeycomb compound sheet,which have reliable quality and rich varieties,and have been well appreciated by customers in application of practical projects.

                    The company persists in the development strategy of the enterprise "to expand new market and to create new business opportunities",takes it as the aim of the enterprise "to rise up quality of products and to serve customers in good faith",adopts advanced and adaptable technology and scientific management method,invites and cultivates top level managerial personnel,technical backbones and skillful technical workers so as to rise up quality of products continuously,raises up enterprise's competitive force in both domestic and international market,grasps opportunities of rapid development of China's economy and ascends the enterprise up another storey!

              地 址:江蘇省常州市武進區橫山橋鎮宕里工業園
              聯系人:吳先生 13606121977
              電 話:0519-8876 1822
              傳 真:0519-8876 1167


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